Dear Bronwyn, We have our 2 boys back with us now, and can tell by their cleanliness that they were well looked after. We felt very comfortable leaving them with your carer, and could tell just by talking to the carer , that she has a genuine love of animals. Hopefully she'll be prepared to take them again for us. Thank you to both of you. I'm just so glad to have found your business on the Internet, and have told some of my friends about the service you provide.

Many thanks,

Bev, Blaxland


The doggies seemed very happy when we arrived and we were able to go away with a clear mind knowing that they were going to be very well looked after. I will definitely book through you again and will let other dog owners know of your business.

Thanks again, Kind Regards,

Kim & Ian


I just want to say that we were very happy with your service and with Jean and Ted. They were the best! It felt like we new them for ages! I know bailey enjoyed his time with them! We will definitely use you guys again and hopefully Jean and Ted will be available to watch Bailey because I know he misses them heaps! And thank you all so much for being so flexible and easy to contact. With all the changes we kept making, you were all amazing!

Thank you again!!!

We will be in touch soon. Have a great Easter holiday!!!

Sherry and Fabio


Yes I was very happy. Dodger being dodger is always very over the top when I drop him off at someone's house. Ellen told me he was a big puppy. When you give Dodger an inch he takes a mile and loves being one on one with the people he is with. He is a little high maintenance and I think Ellen coped very well. You pick very good people to look after our babies and I have been very happy with the service you have provided for us.

Thanks Ann


Hi Brownyn,

I am very happy with your service. Ruth and Len are just wonderful with Monique and Connor ( they got very spoilt had a lovely holiday)I will most certainly use Holiday Heaven again hopefully with Len and Ruth.

Kind Regards



Hi Brownyn,

I was a lot happier picking Rani up than dropping her off. But that’s just because she’s our surrogate baby. And she’s such a good greeter :o) We’re lucky that she’s such a good girl. Bev genuinely seemed to enjoy having her there, and we’re happy to leave her with Bev again. I could see Rani adjusted well. She certainly didn’t look hard done by. From the minute we walked in to Bev’s home, she used a kind but no-nonsense tone with Rani. Confidence I guess. Or experience? It was control. Rani responded well, and Bev showed more than enough care. I was glad Jetinder was able to come with me when we went to collect Rani. Jet puts a lot of stock in the intangibles that can only be quantified in person, and Bev more than met the mark. Like I said, a real sense of care.

You’ve got a good minder in that lady.

Rgds, Art


Alfie is always happy and healthy when we pick him up, although he is happy to see us also. Cathie is great because she lets him do all the things he does at home, like stay indoors and sleep on the bed etc. She really does an excellent job and I am so glad that you introduced us. In fact, we will be going away in April, during the school holidays for about 10 days and wondered if she would be able to look after Alfie again.

Thanks, Michele.



That great picture says it all; Benny had a ball and Bev was fantastic.Thanks 4 everything, we had a great holiday knowing Benny was in the best of care. Will keep in touch....

Glenn & family.


Hi Brownyn,

Archie was in great shape when we picked him up so they did a good job. Thanks for your help.




Ruby was in fantastic condition when we picked her up. She was also happy. Your service is a blessing. Ruth and Len are great. We will continue to use the service.





Rolo came home and he had been well cared for much better than last year when he was in the kennels. Ann is a lovely lady and I can tell she adores animals I would certainly recommend you and her to anyone, Kind Regards and thanks for the emails while I was overseas.



Every dog deserves a holiday........